Help for Homeowners Volunteer Counseling
Free Counseling for Homeowners Fighting Foreclosure

When you fell behind on your home payments you did not think it would be long before you were back on track, but now the economy and other factors have you in hot water with your lender. Millions of Americans are struggling and facing foreclosure. Help for Homeowners is a non-profit organization set up to educate homeowners about their options.

We know your concerns and we want to help you get the answers you need today:

  • Can I keep my home?
  • Can I modify my loan?
  • Can I get out of my home with my good credit in tact?

You have choices on the best way for you to get our help:

Attend a seminar in your area
You can learn more about your options and general questions you have about procedures at our upcoming seminar, which is free to California homeowners. This seminar is led by a certified expert and will provide you with the facts on the best methods to help you solve your problem. Register for the next seminar.

Make a confidential counseling appointment
Our volunteers are trained to help you find the best route to solving your problem in the shortest period of time. In a private setting, we will provide you with advice and resources to help you find a solution to keeping your home. If that solution cannot be achieved, we can help you sell your property with as little effect on your credit as possible. Our main goal is to help you out of the difficulties you are in and get you on the road to peace of mind once again. Schedule an appointment.

  • Foreclosure Seminar Registration

    Register for the next Foreclosure Prevention Seminar in your area or if you need help sooner, let us arrange and appointment with a foreclosure counselor right away.

  • Alternatives to Foreclosure

    Facing the prospect of foreclosure can be overwhelming, but less so if you know your other options. Consider your other options right away. Here are some options you may want to consider.

  • Helpful Links & Associations

    Links to organizations with additional information and help.

  • About This Seminar

    More details about our FREE Foreclosure Prevention seminar.


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